Welcome to BuildAnAviary.com – a site dedicated to helping people to build and create their very own aviaries. In case you don’t know, an aviary is a enclosure that is used to hold pet birds. It is far better to use an aviary over a bird cage because the extra space allows a bird to fly – which is exactly what nature intended, whereas many bird cages do not. This is the difference between the two.

I’ve been a bird enthusiast for a number of years and know almost everything there is to know about aviary construction, so I thought I’d share this knowledge with others. That’s how this website and my book came about.

“Book you say?” Yep, I’ve written a guide on how to build your own aviary, it’s a complete how to resource that covers everything you need to know. This includes large and small aviaries, both indoor and outdoor and for those on big and little budgets.

To find out more about my book click here to read about how to build and Aviary.

Also, if you have any further questions then you may which you read the FAQ or if the answer is not covered there then contact me by clicking here.